27 Nov 2017
Roofing Experts - Slate Tile Roof Repair

Regardless of the quality of the roof, the difference between a roof that lasts long and one that wears out quickly is maintenance. Roofing experts advice that flat roof repairs and maintenance be carried out at least once annually. This allows for early detection and correction of any defect with the roof. Roofs are either […]

26 Nov 2017
Dublin Roof Repairs

The elegant roofs on Dublin’s buildings is testament to city having top notch roofers. Exceptional quality owed to rich experience developed year after year working on the various roofing projects in the expansive Irish capital. On a construction site, roofers are tasked with installing the roofs and its accessories. Also, you will find them repairing […]

25 Nov 2017

The roof is an indispensable part of any house. Not only because it gives a house that elegant finish but most important maintains the integrity of the home. It’s a barrier that keeps off sunshine, wind, rain, ice and other adverse weather elements. Roofing is a very expensive undertaking that constitutes a huge portion of […]

01 Oct 2017
Roofing Experts - Roofing Contractor Dublin

Your house is exposed to many elements every day, both exterior and interior. However, no part is more susceptible to wear and tear than your roof. This makes it less surprising to discover the many issues occurring over time when it comes to its reliability. A roof repair service in Dublin can handle these issues. […]

09 Sep 2017
Flat Roof Repairs Dublin

Imagine a night of heavy rain and thunderstorm. Nobody likes a rainy night as it is but what happens when you suddenly find yourself sitting in a pool of rainwater? Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but you really don’t want to sit there while rain water drops on your head. It’s like sitting outside in […]