Restoration And Conservation Work

The roof is a very critical indispensable component of any house. Not only because it gives a house an elegant finish but roofing is also a very expensive undertaking. This necessitates frequent restoration and conservation work.

Different contractors adopt different approaches. We the Roofing Experts do it in four stages. Inspection, diagnosis, cost estimation and repair. This standard procedure has always worked for us over the years to the satisfaction of our esteemed customers.

We will have a look at the four stages in details.


Inspection entails taking a keen look of the roof with the aim of assessing its condition. It’s a preventive maintenance that seeks to get ahead of any problems and preempt it before it gets dire. Roofing Experts advise that house inspection be done at least twice annually. Inspection is best done by an experienced eye that can detect slightest defects. Trained roofers also know the parts the roof prone to damage hence know where to look. That notwithstanding, homeowners are also encouraged to learn the art of the inspection. This will enable them notice any flaws early enough and call in the expert for repair. But how do I do the inspection? Good question. This is how. Step back several yards from your house to a position you have a clear view of the roof. From that distance assess the general roof condition. Check out for any dents, slopes, discoloration, rusts or any other irregular thing on the roof. If you frequently look at your roof it will be very easy to detect any defects. After the distant look, you need to get near for a closer look. Unless very necessary, don’t get on top of the roof. You may destroy the roof or even fall off. Instead, use a ladder to hoist yourself to a level you have a clear view of the roof.

From that vantage point, this is what you are to check out for:

  • Cracked, broken or missing shingles.
  • Curled or blistered shingles.
  • Rust or discoloration.
  • Growth or microorganisms like lichens or moss.
  • Presence of any stagnant waters.
  • Presence of any plants, broken twigs or leaves.

The presence of any of the listed features portend roof damage. Raise it up with your contractor and let them come assess it soon.
Also as part of the inspection, check:

  • The chimney and the point it joins to the roof.
  • Roof valleys and gutters.

There are other signs that would hint of roof damage without inspection. They include: dark spots on the ceiling, damp spots on the fireplace or peeling of the paint under the roof overhangs.


A good doctor first seeks to know what is ailing a patient before prescribing medication. That’s the process of diagnosis. So with a roofing expert. Before ‘treating’ your roof, the roofing expert must first diagnose the problem.
If you used the services of an expert at inspection, it’s common practice for them to record the finding of the inspection, diagnose the problem and recommend course of action. If you had inspected the roof and discovered an anomaly, it will be necessary to call in an expert to have expert look at it and recommend solutions.
Diagnosis entails a series of activities. Based on the observation report, the expert zeroes in to specific area of the roof that is damaged. After that, the extent of damage is assessed. With all those factors in mind, the expert recommends remedial course of action.
Many roofing companies offer free inspection and diagnosis services, with no obligation to the home owner to hire them fix any problem detected.

Cost Estimation

The recommendation by the roofing expert is a summary of the problem discovered, advised course of action and the estimated cost of repair. The cost will vary depending on the extent of damage and what exactly needs to be done.


This is course of action the expert recommends upon the inspection. As with cost, it varies depending the extent of damage. A slight damage would be corrected by cheap, quick and easy to fix repair methods.
Other damages are beyond repair, especially in the cases a house has been uninhabited for a while. In such cases, complete replacement is needed. Such replacements cost a fortune.
For all your roof repair and maintenance needs in Dublin, let the Roofing Experts sort you out. We are experienced and equipped to restore the lost glory of your roof. Place the call today.

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