Looking For Roofers In Dublin?

The elegant roofs on Dublin’s buildings is testament to city having top notch roofers. Exceptional quality owed to rich experience developed year after year working on the various roofing projects in the expansive Irish capital.

On a construction site, roofers are tasked with installing the roofs and its accessories. Also, you will find them repairing the roof at house maintenance sites.

Roofs are either flat or pitched. The materials commonly used on Irish roofs are shingles, tiles or metallic roofs.

There are many competent roofers in Dublin. Sieving through and finding one well suited for you is always a daunting task. We intend to give some helpful tips that will make your work as easy as ABC.

Finding The Right Roofers In Dublin

If you have constructed a house before you will agree with me roofing projects are always expensive ventures, regardless of whether it is installation or repair. Therefore to get value for your money, you need to ensure you hire a roofer who will meet your expectation if not surpass it.

Here are few questions you need to ask the potential roofers. Don’t sign any papers until you get satisfactory answers.

  • Are you licensed?

This is where it begins. It will be a costly mistake to work with a contractor who is not licensed to work in Dublin.

Dublin just like any other jurisdiction has a construction industry standards that every contractor is expected to work within. The licensed contractors are those who have demonstrated the capacity and experience to meet the standard requirements.

Having a license is an assurance the roofer is who they claim to be and can deliver on the project. Without a license, it’s a NO.

  • Where is your previous work?

Experienced roofers in Dublin have been in the industry for a while and have previous projects to show for it. Insist on visiting some of these houses. The only way to be certain they can excellently do the work is to see an actual sample.

If it is not practically possible to visit, ask for the photo album that showcases their work. The good thing is that all this information is available on the specific company’s website. Check it out and if it matches the quality you envisage, it’s a greenlight; proceed.

  • For how long have you been in operation?

That’s a tactful way of asking the roofer to prove credentials and qualifications. Based on the longevity of their operations, you can judge their experience level and skill.

Be very cautious when dealing with fairly new roofers who don’t have much to show forth.

Handling a referral eases the burden of proof. Rarely does anyone recommend a roofer who ruined their project. Always, a referral is a vote of confidence. So during the search you can ask people in your social circles for referrals.

  • What are previous customers saying?

This question is not directed to the roofer. It’s a question that reminds you of the need to look at customer reviews. It is human nature to speak well of oneself even if it is a blatant lie. So treat the roofer’s bleating trumpets with suspicion.

Just as numbers do not lie, customers do not. They say it exactly as it is. Get it all in black and white in the reviews.

  • Do you have any warranties?

It’s not just a question of having one, every serious contractor does. What matters is the packages. Confirm whether the packages are friendly and reasonable. Pick a package with good packs and one that covers for in a long while.

Another issue of concern is whether they honor their word in case of damage. And how fast? This you can get in the customer review.

  • Are you insured?

Insurance cover is indispensable in construction work. You cannot rule out the chances of an accident happening. Woe unto you when it happens and you had no cover. As a matter of utmost importance, ensure the contractor has a valid insurance cover. Not just a cover, a cover with good terms.

This gives everyone peace of mind, the roofer and his workmen and you as the employer.

When all these critical matters are settled, you can go ahead into deeper negotiations. This is where you get to share the exact details of what you want done and have them give you the cost estimates. Hopefully you get to good settlement and sign the contract.

If it’s maintenance that is needed, roofers is Dublin will sort you out. Whether it is a simple repair or total overhaul that will entail complete roof replacement.

Most in fact offer free inspection/ assessment and cost estimation services. This without any blackmail that you should hire them thereafter to fix the problem, if any.

But it’s always a good gesture in appreciation to their time and effort to have them fix the problem for you.

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