Copper Valley
The roof valley is the segment where the roof changes direction or where a dormer or bay window is installed. Simply put, it is the portion of the roof where two slopes meet. It is covered by different types of materials. Metals like lead, copper, aluminum and zinc are most commonly used. The choice of roof valley material depends on the type of the roof and the primary roofing material.Get A Quote

The roof valley is a very important part of the roof that determines to a large extent the integrity of the roof. Depending on where it is positioned and the angle, the valley can carry large volumes of water when it rains. Any slight damage could lead to serious leakages.

This calls for accurate installation and so it is best to use the services of a skilled and experienced roofer. Also, roofs should be inspected twice annually. With this, the roof valleys will be maintained in good condition and the integrity of the entire roof preserved.

As Seen in the image of a replacement valley install.

Types of lead and copper roof valleys

Whether it is a lead or copper roof valley, there are two main valley design used in roofing.


For closed roof valleys, the gap is covered by the primary roofing material or shingles. Shingles are installed across the joints of the intersecting planes.View Testimonials


This is a roof valley that is not covered by the primary roofing material. The valley is then filled with a self-adhering layer of ice and water shield then overlain with a metal, usually lead or copper.Get A Quote


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