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VELUX is a Trustmark scheme operator and Roofing Experts is a certified VELUX roof windows installer in Dublin. This gives you peace of mind as certified installers are members of the only government-endorsed scheme for tradesmen.Get A Quote
We are one of only 13 certified VELUX roof window installers in the entire country. And the only one in Dublin 6. We cover all of Dublin but especially 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 including Rathgar, Ranelagh, Terenure, Drimnagh, Harold’s Cross and Ballsbridge.

Certified VELUX window installers are regularly assessed by independent industry experts on many areas including:

  • Credit checks
  • Financial records and trading history
  • Current insurance levels such as public liability
  • Customer references

As a certified VELUX window installer, Roofing Experts regularly undergoes on-site inspections to ensure that we meet VELUX standards.

Importance of Having Velux Windows

A house fitted with Velux windows looks cool and elegant. The natural environment brought right into the house makes you want to linger in the house longer. Aesthetics aside, Velux windows have tangible benefits to the house. Such benefits as:

  • Ushers direct sunlight into the house. Apart from boosting morale and enhancing mood, the bright natural light also supplies the home with more vitamin D.
  • Good for ventilation. The abundant supply of fresh air enhances the comfort levels inside the house.
  • Balances the energy levels in the house reducing your energy bills.
  • Makes the room appear bigger than it really is.
  • Reduces eye strain.
  • The natural light brings life into the house. Good lighting improves productivity.

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Types of Velux Roof Windows

Roof windows come in many designs to meet the different energy and light needs of a house dwellers. The common designs are:


Center Pivot Roof Window

These Velux windows open at the center hinge and can rotate 180 degrees. It allows for a free flow of fresh air and light and at the same time giving a good visual impact. The design allows for the inclusion of internal and external accessories. The good rotation ability makes washing it easy and fast.


Top Hung Roof Window

Works well for a loft conversion with the roof window easily accessible. It is easily operated by a handle at the bottom. The window offers full, open uninterrupted panoramic view of the skyline. Moreover, it creates extra headroom and allows maximum natural light in giving a feeling of being outside.


Flat Roof Kerb Window

Good for flat roof with a pitch of between 0 and 15 degrees. It is manufactured using plywood and insulated by polystyrene. The Velux window allows rain water drain away easily and is easy to install. More to bringing in light and fresh air, the windows improve the space


Balcony Roof Window

This is creatively crafted to turn your roof into a balcony. The easy to operate window also brings in extra light and air and offers a panoramic view.

Installation of Velux Roof Windows

While Velux roof windows are best installed during construction, they can be easily be incorporated on an already constructed house. After the slope of the roof has been ascertained and deemed fit, a roof window can be installed in a matter of hours. It’s easier if your roof window is standard as you will get a prefabricated window and the only task will be to insert.

Need a Velux window installed in Dublin? We are Roofing Experts, a five star Velux partner. We supply and fit a wide range of roof windows. Call us today and let us bring light and fresh air into your home.

Roof Window Install Dublin Roofing Experts

We at Roofing Experts & Co Ltd are a member of the VELUX Certified Installer partnership

  • Velux Window replacement flat and pitched (Sloped)
  • Velux Window Installation of Flat and Pitched (Sloped)
  • Velux Window upgrades Electric and Solar opening
  • Velux Window repairs flat and pitched
  • Velux Replacement Part fitting service
  • Velux Blinds repair and replacement service


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