Chimney Flashing

What is Chimney Flashing?

A chimney flashing is a watertight metal sheet that secures the roof and the chimney. If this has lifted or expired then it can cause leaks to seep through the chimney which can cause internal damage to the chimney area such as cracks, dislodged or slipped tiles/slates. This can become very costly to rectify if left unattended.

To ensure that your chimney flashing is still effective an annual check up is recommended. If you are worried that your chimney may have lifted chimney flashings, or would like to help prevent this from happening then call us today. We can offer expert solutions to all your queries/concerns regarding same.

Is Flashing Hard to Install?

The installation of flashing can be challenging and should only be done by an experienced roofer. Corners can be left vulnerable and even with high quality installation urethane chaulking should be applied to cement the water-proofing process. If this is done correctly and by a professional then in future the chaulking may be all that’s needed. If done incorrectly however, it will take more than chaulk.

How to know if Flashing needs to be Repaired or Replaced?

Chimney leaks can be difficult to identify but can cause a lot of damage to your roof, attic and ceiling. We suggest having a quick check for signs of leakage from your attic twice a year. If you have any worries, notice signs of leakage, or would like it inspected by a professional then contact Roofing Experts today.
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