Gutter repair or replace

Roofing Experts specialises in gutter repair in the Dublin area. This includes re-sealing joints, installation, re-securing of down-pipes and cleaning of all types of gutter systems as well as replacement if necessary.

Gutters should be kept free from debris and inspected regularly to prevent water from entering the house as this of course would cause other problems.

Gutters are undeniably an important part of your home structure and so important to make gutter repairs when necessary. They prevent water from getting at your walls, windows, doors and foundation. We recommend cleaning your gutters 1 – 2 times a year, however like anything its effectiveness will expireGet A Quote

Signs that your gutters need to be repaired or replaced

The length of time a gutter will last depends on many varying factors, we have put together some signs to watch out for:


Small cracks will turn into big cracks, so it’s better to catch them before they do any serious damage. Leaving small cracks unattended can result in further damage to your gutter as well as your fascia boards, the shingles and the foundation. Don’t let a molehill turn into a mountain.

Peeling paint or orange hue

Unless your gutter is old, peeling paint or a rust colour on your gutter is usually a sign that water is spending too long unmoved in the gutter. This means the gutter isn’t doing its job and it may mean a crack or leak.

Water damage

If you see signs of water damage or water marks beneath your gutter then it may indicate leaks. If this isn’t rectified it can cause damage to your soffit and fascia board.

Puddles around the outside of your home

If you see puddles of water directly around your home and the rest is dry, then gutter repair may be needed. This could potentially lead to foundation damage.

Out of shape gutter

If your gutters have changed shape then it may mean that they are full of water. This is a clear sign to undertake a gutter repair or even replacement immediately.

Leaking Gutter Joints

We can seal your leaking Gutter Joint whether your gutters are PVC, Cast Iron, Alluminium or Copper.Free inspection and quotation.


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