How To Prevent Flat Roof Repairs

How to Prevent Flat Roof Repairs

Flat roof construction offers a number of advantages for buildings. For starters, they can help keep your home warmer. They absorb the sunlight at a higher rate than slated roofs. They are also ideal for solar panel installations, and let’s face it, solar panels are great for reducing hot water costs. Flat roofs can also be the most economical option for construction and they are quicker to install than other traditional roofing methods. Another are where flat roof are great is that they are more accessible and they are easier to inspect for damage too.

Preventing Flat Roof Repairs Dublin

One of the main causes of roof damage is the lack of proper maintenance. In fact, lack of maintenance is your roof’s worst enemy. Most roof problems start out as minor little things. This could be anything from the need to remove overhanging tree branches to cleaning blocked gutters. Of course, when these are left undone these little issues can cause serious damage. By inspecting and carrying out regular maintenance you can extend the life of your roof and save yourself a lot of money in the long run too.

Roof Maintenance You Can Do Now

There are a number of routine flat roof maintenance and repair jobs you can do for yourself to help prevent damage. As we are just coming out of winter weather, it’s been a long one in Ireland, you can inspect your roof and gutters for any damage that our winter weather may have caused. Clogged gutters and down pipes should be cleared immediately. These are used to channel water away from your house and if they are left block they can lead to serious damage.

Many of the repairs carried out by our roofers Dublin are due to leaks. The majority of leaks occur in places where the roof meets with your home’s walls, chimney, or skylight. It is important to check these areas as well as the flashing for any holes, cracks, tears, or other signs of damage. If your chimney flashing is pulled away or damaged it can cause water to leak into your attic and on into the inside of your house. A small repair can save your thousands if you catch it on time.

Check for any damaged roof tiles and if you see any have them repaired immediately. If you don’t, you could end up with a leaky roof, which left untreated could damage your home’s roof, attic, and more. Tiles that are nailed down can be replaced and repaired at any time of the year. Our roofing experts will have no problem with this type of repair.

Start Your Roof Inspection Today

There’s no time like the present when it comes to maintaining your home and while you may be tempted to start working on the interior until the weather heats up a little more, your roof won’t thank you. Have a walk around your house and make sure there are no problems. Check your gutters and have them cleaned. If you do find something that needs to be repaired, be sure to call our Dublin roofing repairs team who will be happy to carry out a site visit and advise you on the next steps to take.

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