Roofers Dublin Flat Roof Guide

Our roofers Dublin flat roof guide will tell you everything you need to know about flat roofs. Sometimes it can be an excellent solution, especially for small extensions. Before you decide whether a flat roof is for you or not, let our roofing experts explain the basics and the materials that are used on the installation of flat roofs.

Dublin Roofers: Why A Flat Roof is a Good Option 

A flat roof isn’t entirely flat because if it was, there would be no drainage and this would lead to water pooling on the roof. So this doesn’t happen, flat roofs have a slight fall in their design which is usually around 1:40 to 1:80. With this fall, any water that falls will run off the roof and into the gutters and downpipes away from your property.

Flat roofs are most commonly used on garages, porches, and some extensions. For some buildings especially commercial properties, flat roofs are required to meet with planning regulations. A lot of modern or minimalist buildings tend to use flat roofs too and sometimes they are chosen because of cost and maintenance.

Cost: Flat roof installation is faster and easier than a traditional sloped roof. The materials are cheaper too as are the labour costs. An important factor for many homeowners on top of the reduced cost is the speed at which the roof can be installed.

Easy Maintenance: Flat roofs are easier to maintain as well and of course much easier to access. This is ideal for regular roof inspections and any flat roof repairs necessary take less time and are easier to do than those on a sloped roof.

Flat Roof Materials 

Our Dublin roofing experts use only the highest quality materials when constructing a flat roof. There are numerous materials available and deciding which ones to use will depend on your budget and the type of building the roof is going on. It is important to ensure the materials chosen are durable and can withstand the wind and rain that Ireland tends to suffer from. Below are the most common materials our expert roofers Dublin use for flat roof installation.

Torch on Bitumen Felt: This is the most economical choice. It’s durable and made by binding layers of bitumen together using a gas torch. The felt is heated as it’s applied to the roof so safety precautions must be adhered to and this should only be done by a qualified roofing contractor.

PVC Single-ply Membrane: Used in both commercial and residential properties, this is another economical option. Special skills are required and this can only be carried out by a qualified roofing contractor.

EPDM Rubberised Roofing: This option allows for loose laying rather than it having to be stuck down. It is a reusable material that protects from rain and UV light. When done properly, it can last for 50 years or more.

GRP Fibreglass: This option works well with flat roofs that are an odd shape. It is painted on and is lightweight and long-lasting.

If you are considering a flat roof on your property in Dublin be sure to speak with one of our expert roofers who will be able to advise you on the best solution. Our roofing experts can discuss your project and help you choose the materials that will best meet your needs. For the best roofers Dublin has to offer, get in touch with Roofing Experts today.


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