Attic Insulation Can Save You Money

Rising energy prices in Ireland means it’s never been a better time to check that your home is properly insulated. Proper attic insulation can end up saving you money in the long term and is something that all homeowners should look into. In today’s post, we are going to talk about the importance of attic insulation and how our Dublin roofers can help.

An uninsulated home can actually lose a lot of heat. It is estimated that solid walls without insulation can reduce the heat in your home by up to 45%. Other uninsulated walls can equate to 33%. Not having proper attic insulation can result in a 25% loss of heat and when you add all this together, that’s a lot of extra money you’ll be spending to heat your home.

There are lots of ways to insulate your home and these will not only save you money, but they are environmentally friendly too.

Attic Insulation To Reduce Home Heating Costs

Attic insulation is one of the best ways to reduce your energy costs and reduce heat loss from your home. This, in turn, will reduce your heating bills too, so the money you spend upfront is gained back in no time. If your attic is easily accessible and your roof joists are regular you can use rolls of insulation and it’s a job you can probably do yourself. This will keep your house warmer, but it will mean that your roof space is colder and pipes and water tanks in the attic can freeze during winter. You will have to make sure that you insulate the pipes as well.

You might also have to fit draught excluders to the door to your attic as well to prevent drafts. If your attic isn’t easily accessible or your roof joints aren’t straight forward you are advised to have an expert do it for you, especially if you are worried about damp.

If you are planning to do it yourself, it is important to note that some attic insulation materials can irritate your skin and throat so it is advisable to wear a mask and rubber gloves. You also need to take safety precautions when in the attic and you should never stand on the sections between the joists as you are likely to go through the ceiling.

How Much Can You Save With Attic Insulation

Typical costs for attic insulation can range from €300 to €500 depending on the size of your home and the accessibility. It will also depend on the materials being used. Saving wise though, you can expect to see a reduction in heating bills of between €100 and €250 per year, so it is an expense worth looking at because over the space of a couple of years that money will add up.

For more advice on attic insulation why not give one of our expert Dublin roofers a call. Our offices are always open and we are happy to offer free quotations and organise for one of our experts to call out to your home and advise you on what is required.


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