Understanding Roofing Repairs Quotations

If you’ve contacted a Dublin roofing company for a quotation for roofing repairs, this post will tell you what you should look for in the proposal you receive. All Dublin roofers prepare their quotations differently, but the items below should all be included.

Materials Used

Dublin roofers should include the list of roofing materials they plan on using in their quotation and proposal. This should include the name of the manufacturer and the style and grade of the material. Having this information to hand will allow you to compare the different quotes you receive and give you an idea of the quality you will receive from each of the roofing companies.

Work Schedule

The roofing repairs proposal should include a details schedule of works with information on when everything will happen. Roofing repairs shouldn’t take too long to complete but they can be inconvenient while you’re at home. It is important to know how long the job will take and how long the roofer will be in your home each day.


Expert roofing companies in Dublin will also include information about insurance in their proposal. This will tell you what insurance the roofers have. It is essential that they have insurance because you will be liable for any injury that occurs on your property and without insurance how do you know that your roof repairs are in compliance with building codes.

Waste Removal

Roofing repairs are messy and the proposal should also include information on how the roofing contractors will clean up and how the waste will be disposed of.


Warranties should be listed in the proposal as well and this includes the warranty on materials and on the work carried out by the roofing company. The specifics of each warranty should be listed including exactly what is covered.

Payment of Roof Repairs

The proposal should also outline what you need to pay and when. Some roofing companies have stage payments, while others prefer part up front and the rest on completion of the work. A good proposal will have an itemised list of costs for everything so you can compare it with other quotes you receive.

Additional Costs

If additional costs arise you need to know how these will be dealt with.

Get The Best Roofing Repairs Quote

All the above items are important when it comes to assessing roofing repair quotations. Some are more important than others and one of the most important things to check for is an itemised list of costs. Not every roofing company in Dublin will give you an itemised list so if you are comparing quotes it is important to ask for one. An itemised list will let you see exactly what you will be paying for each aspect of your roof repairs including labour and material costs. The itemised list will also make it easier to compare quotes and make an educated decision on which company to hire to carry out your roof repairs.

In the end, when choosing between Dublin roofing companies, it is important to read through each proposal carefully. Expert roofing companies will be upfront with costs and estimates and will have the proper insurance necessary to carry out your roof repairs. If you have any questions or would like to know more, why not call our office to request a free roofing repairs quote today.


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