Benefits of having a Professional Roof Inspection

In today’s post, our Roofing Experts are looking at the benefits of having a professional roof inspection carried out on your home. Spring is here and hopefully, that will mean better weather in Ireland and after the recent storms and freezing temperatures, this is something we are all looking forward to. Storms can cause so much damage to roofs and below are the benefits of having a professional roof inspection.

Benefits of A Roofing Experts Professional Roof Inspection

  1. Can Assess Invisible Damage: Most homeowners can spot big problems, but it is highly unlikely that you will be able to spot some of the smaller problems. After storms like Brendan and Jorge, you’ve probably gone outside and taken a look around for any damage. If you don’t see any visible signs you may think you’ve escaped. Unfortunately, some storm damage can only be seen when you actually climb up onto the roof. A professional roof inspection from Roofing Experts means you have a trained eye assessing your roof and looking for damage that you won’t see.
  2. Small Issues Can be Spotted: Climbing up a ladder and taking a look at your roof yourself sounds great, and you will be able to spot any major damage, but in the case of storm damage, there can be a lot of hidden issues that you won’t see. It doesn’t matter how big or small the damage to your roof is, getting it fixed as quickly as possible is essential. A professional roof inspection is a thorough examination and things like small links, damaged tiles, cracks, etc, are all looked at. At well as this, our Roofing Experts know exactly what to look for on both the interior and exterior of your roof.
  3. Help With Insurance Claims: A professional roof inspection includes pictures and a report on any damage found. If you are planning to claim on your home insurance you will be required to have pictures and proof of the damage. During our roof inspections, our expert roofing contractors will take pictures of any and all damage as well as filling in a report detailing what is wrong. Our reports are certified and we can give you an estimate of the cost of repairs while the roof inspection is being carried out.
  4. Professionals Know What to Look For Regarding Water Damage: A profession roof inspection will also look for any water damage. This can be hard to identify and most people only realise they have water damage in their roof when it’s too late and they find a leak. Our professional roofing experts are trained to know exactly what to look for.
  5. Save Money in the Long Term: If you decide not to have a roof inspection carried out after a storm, you may find yourself handing over a lot of money down the road. Small or invisible problems left untreated can escalate and cost a lot of money. Having a professional roof inspection carried out can extend the life of your roof, let you fix any small problems immediately, and save you money over time. Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring your roof has a better lifespan.

If you’re worried that storm Ellen has caused any damage to your roof, get in touch with our expert roofing contractors in Dublin today.


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