Roofer Dublin Guide to Saving Money with Attic Insulation

Our Roofer Dublin advice guide this week is all about how you can save money with attic insulation. It is important to remember that your home is your most valuable asset and if you are looking to save money attic insulation is one way to do it. Proper attic insulation helps to keep your home warm in winter and also reduces the amount of money you spend on heating too. That’s not all, attic insulation helps with noise reduction and keeps out the noise from outside.

If you have drafts in your home, the temperatures change, or your heating bills are costing more than they should, your attic insulation could be the problem. Having the right insulation makes all the difference and below our Roofer Dublin experts explain how insulation works and how you ensure your home is snug this winter.

Roofer Dublin Attic Insulation and How It Works

Now that winter is upon us, heating costs are something that we tend to think about. When the weather turns colder the heat in your home will flow to areas that are cold including your attic. Your heating system then has to work extra hard to replace the heat. If your attic isn’t properly insulated the heat will escape and you’ll find that you are using more oil or gas than necessary.

Insulation provides resistance and stops the heat from seeping out of your home through your attic. When done properly it can actually lower your heating bills. Insulation material is measured in thermal resistance or what is called R-Value. The higher this value the more effective the product is and it will create a stronger barrier against heat loss and this gives you a more effective insulation solution for your home.

Types of Attic Insulation used by Dublin Roofers

There are a number of different types of insulation that can be used and below are the best products on the market for Dublin homeowners. Here at Roofing Experts we only use the best products when carrying out attic insulation. We do this to ensure that heat loss is minimised and that the insulation lasts. Cheaper solutions might be tempting, but remember the better the product, the better the results you get.

  • Sheep’s Wool – This type of insulation is made from sheep’s wool
  • Fibreglass – fibreglass is made from molten glass spun into microfibres
  • Rock wool – this is made with molten rock instead of glass
  • Cellulose – this is made from shredded recycled paper

If you need any more information on attic insulation and the best solution for your home this winter, be sure to get in touch with one of our expert Dublin roofing contractors today. There is always someone on hand to answer your questions and schedule your attic insulation evaluation and well as explaining the different materials, which are the most eco-friendly, and how to avail of an SEAI grant or one from Electric Ireland. We can also explain the correct insulation depth and more. Attic and roof insulation can help you start saving money on your energy bills so be sure to get in touch today to find out more.

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