Prevent Expensive Roof Repairs From Storm Damage

Across Ireland, winter and spring storms seem to be getting more vicious and intense every year. Storm Doris last year caused over 20,000 power cuts in Ireland and there was a lot of damage caused. You’ve probably seen the damage figures on the news, but what these can’t tell you is the cost of roof repairs for home owners. Storms can cause a lot of problems and roof repairs can be costly. It can be anything from dislodged roof tiles, leaks, fallen trees, or even the impact from flying debris. No home is impervious to Mother Nature, but there are ways that you can prevent a lot of the damage and avoid having to shell out for expensive repairs. Below you will find out top tips.

Roofers Dublin Prevent Expensive Roof Repairs from Storm Damage

Preventing Roof Repairs: Take Care of Small Home Repair Jobs

Before storm season arrives you should have any structural weaknesses in your home taken care of. This can help prevent a lot of storm damage and save on roofing repairs later on too. Some of the common areas you should look at include:

  • Fix any cracked or broken windows before the storm arrives.
  • Fix any outside doors that don’t close properly and could break off during high winds.
  • Any issues with decking, fences, sheds, etc should be sorted. Secure any loose boards so they don’t fly off during windy weather.
  • If you have blocked or broken drains be sure these are fixed too.

Preventing Roof Repairs: Check Your Roof

When storms hit, your roof is the part of your home that takes most of the impact. Damage caused can range from dislodged roof tiles to structural damage. Overhanging roofs can be prone to structural damage in storm conditions. In Dublin a number of years ago, the entire roof of an apartment complex was torn away from the building during high winds. To help prevent costly storm roof repairs, our roofing experts recommend that you have an annual inspection carried out by qualified roofing contractors. This will help to identify any potential weak spots.

Preventing Roof Repairs: Trees, Debris, and Flying Objects

Fallen trees blocking roads after storms is not uncommon but fallen trees are restricted to roads or public areas, trees can fall in and around your home too. There are many reports of fallen trees damaging homes in Dublin. If you have trees around your property be sure they are kept trimmed back. Prune overgrown branches so they can’t break and damage your roof.

Flying objects and debris can also cause a lot of damage during stormy conditions. We’ve all seen the news reports or pictures of flying trampolines so our expert advice is to tie down or weigh down any movable objects outside your home. These include garden furniture, planters, trampolines and anything else that can’t be put away.

The potential for damage and costly roof repairs really does depend on the severity of the storm but by following the above recommendations you can limit damage. As always, our Dublin roofing experts are always at hand to offer advice so if you need any further information be sure to contact the office.

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