Gutter Maintenance Year Round Guide Dublin Roofers

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that gutters only need to be cleaned or looked at in the autumn. Because of this, our team of Dublin roofers have come up with this gutter maintenance guide that covers all the seasons of the year and explains what you should be doing during each to keep your gutters in tip top shape and prevent costly roof repairs and damage to your home.

Roofers Dublin - Gutter Maintenance

Inspecting your gutters on a regular basis and doing any repairs necessary will lighten your work load and make the autumn leaf cleaning job a lot easier.


Dublin Roofers Recommended Gutter Maintenance for Spring


Our roofing experts recommend that during the spring months gutters should be checked to see if any damage was caused by harsh winter conditions. You should check your gutters for any cracks or sagging. It is also recommended that you check to see if rising water levels from any clogged gutters has seeped into your roof, fascia, or even your attic. If there is anything to repair make sure it is done straight away.


Dublin Roofers Recommended Gutter Maintenance for Summer


In summer months you can spend more time inspecting your gutters especially with the higher temperatures and hopefully lots of sunshine. During the summer our roofing experts recommend that you repair any damage to gutters and downpipes. Some of your gutter guards may have come loose during the winter or even with windy weather during the spring so you can take the time to reattached them or install new ones. It is also advisable to spend some time cleaning your gutters and removing any hardened sediment from the bottoms. You should also remove any dirt or debris and get them ready for the falling leaves in autumn.


Dublin Roofers Recommended Gutter Maintenance for Autumn


Autumn is the season for fallen leaves and plenty of wet weather. Our roofing experts recommend waiting until most of the leaves have fallen from the trees to do a thorough gutter cleaning. You should remove all the leaves from inside your gutters as well as all debris as this stops it from freezing and clogging up your gutters in winter. Frozen debris can cause cracks and blockages so do take the time to remove everything.


Dublin Roofers Recommended Gutter Maintenance for Winter


Winter is the season for rest hopefully. You can’t get up on your ladder or work in the cold and ice. You do need to keep an eye on things though and our roofing experts advise that you keep an eye out for ice hanging off your gutters as this can be a sign of heat escaping from your home. Do your research on how to remove ice quickly and safely and if you aren’t comfortable doing this, get in touch with our office where one of our expert roofing contractors can help you out.


If you have any questions or concerns about roofing repairs or gutter maintenance, be sure to contact our office today for expert advice a free quotation.

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