Guide to Roof Damage Caused by Fallen Trees

Now that winter is on the way and stormy weather becomes more frequent, our Roofer Dublin experts have compiled a guide on what you should do if a tree damages your home during a storm. Your roof is your home’s protection so any damage caused to it should be assessed and repaired immediately. Here at Roofing Experts, we have a number of roof repair services including emergency roof repairs should you find yourself in need of them.

What to do if a tree falls on your roof

One of the first things you should do if a tree falls on your roof is to safely evacuate all occupants. Once everyone is out safe, the next thing you need to do is call an expert roofing contractor that does emergency repairs and can call out to assess the damage and take care of temporary repairs so your home is safe.

We all know that trees are good for the environment and can be a wonderful addition to your garden or neighbouring surroundings. Unfortunately, when storms hit, that lovely tree outside can become a dangerous threat. If a tree falls on your home during a storm, it can cause significant damage and it is important that you know what to do.

Our Roofer Dublin experts remind you to make sure everyone is okay and that they are safely taken from your property. If there is significant damage it is dangerous to say in the house especially if it is raining and the tree has made a hole in your roof. If water comes in contact with electrical circuits it can make things so much worse.

If you can, take photographs of the damage to the inside and outside of your home as you will need them for insurance purposes later. If the damage is extensive you may be out of your home for a while so be sure to take any valuables with you.

If the tree didn’t damage the structure of your home, small roof repairs might be all you required. Fallen trees can loosen, break, and even knock away tiles which will need to be replaced as quickly as possible. Our Dublin roofing contractors can provide emergency roof repairs that will protect your property until full repairs can be carried out.

Remember it is important to take note of any damage caused by trees during storms and call an expert roofing contractor to assess the damage. Roofing Experts provides all manner of roof repairs including roof inspections. We also provide maintenance services and if you have trees in your garden it is essential that you carry out yearly roof maintenance to avoid things like this happening. No one wants to have a tree fall on their roof during a storm and if you follow our roof maintenance guide which includes trimming overhanging tree branches, you could prevent something like this happening. Roof repairs can be expensive and prevention is always a better choice. If you are worried about your roof, why not contact us today and arrange an inspection before any big storms hit.


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