Roofer Dublin Guide To Roof Leaks

Our expert Roofer Dublin guide to roof leaks is a must. Find out what our experts have to say as they discuss the issue and offer advice on what to do if your roof springs a leak.

We’re used to the rain here in Ireland but what do you do when the rain starts coming into your home? There’s never a good time to get a leak in your roof but thankfully if this should happen, our roofing experts have some advice that you can follow to help stop the damage and minimise your roofing repair costs. Read on to find out.

Roofer Dublin Leaking Roof Guide

There are a number of steps to take if you find your roof has a leak in it.

  1. Stop The Water Damage

As soon as you discover the leak you need to try and prevent as much water damage as you can. Move anything that can be damaged and if you can’t move it, put some plastic down to minimise the damage. This should include furniture and anything else you deem valuable.

  1. Contain The Water

Place a bucket or container beneath the leak so you can catch the water. If it splashes out of the container you might want to put some towels on the floor to absorb the spills. Another trick to direct the water is to place a long string near the leak in the ceiling and this will guide the water into your container. If the paint on your ceiling or walls is bubbling it will mean that it is holding water and you will have to puncture it to release the water. If you can’t contain the leak or there is too much water you’ll need to call for emergency roof repairs straight away. Roofing Experts offers a 24-hour emergency service.

  1. Remove The Water

Once you get the leak under control you’ll need to get to work at drying out everything that has been exposed. Water can stain and if not dried out correctly can lead to mould growth. If your carpet has been soaked you’ll need to pull it away from the edges of the room to allow air to circulate. If there’s been a lot of water you might have to have it replaced or call out a professional company who will be able to advise you on whether it can be saved or not.

  1. Get in Touch With Your Insurance

If the roof leak has led to a lot of damage it is important to call your insurance straight away. Your policy might not cover damage from roof leaks, but you will need to call them to see exactly what is covered.

  1. Get The Leak Fixed

Once you have the situation under control and you’ve done all you can to minimise the damage to your home, the next step is to have your roof repaired. Look up the professional roofers Dublin has to offer and make sure it’s fixed right. You might want to get a number of quotes and it is vital that the roofing contractor you choose is licensed and offers a warranty.

Here at Roofing Experts, our Dublin roofers have over 40 years’ experience working on all aspects of roof repairs and are on hand to offer advice whenever you need it. Call us today for a quote or to discuss your repair requirements.



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