Roofing Contractors Dublin May Roof Maintenance Checklist

Summer is officially here and hopefully, we’ll be experiencing some heat in the coming months. What a lot of people don’t know and something that our roofing contractors Dublin crew can help with is sun damage to your existing roof. So for today’s post, we are going to give you some tips on how to take care of your roof during the summer months and ensure you don’t end up having to call us out to do roof repairs.

Roofing Contractors Dublin – Top Tips For Preventing Big Roof Repairs

There are a number of roof maintenance items to add to your summer chores list and the ones we’ve listed below will help to prevent costly repairs in later months.

  1. While the weather is dry, it’s a good time to make sure to check and clean all your gutters and downpipes. This helps to ensure that water can flow and that there are no blockages that you aren’t aware of.
  2. If you have a skylight, summer is the time to do a thorough check on it. This involves making sure that there is no leftover debris or clutter gathered behind it from winter months.
  3. While on your roof, be sure to check for any cracked tiles or slates. Be on the lookout for any loose tiles or any that might be missing after the storms we’ve had.
  4. Another great tip from our Dublin Roofers is to take pictures while you’re on the roof. These should be before and after pictures and you should do this every time as it will help you to see any changes that have occurred since your last roof inspection.
  5. Watch out for mould. Mould damage can happen quicker than you think. Make sure that nothing is mouldy or damaged by mould. If you find anything, get in touch with Roofing Experts right away because a small repair now is easier and cheaper than having to call us out for a big job down the line.
  6. Look out for any gaps or small holes that could be used by rodents or birds to gain entry to your roof. The last thing you want is an attic of birds, nests being built, or indeed mice or rats getting into your home.
  7. Check all the sealants around your roof and make sure that everything is still in good shape. If it’s not, get it fixed straight away. It’s always important to remember that nothing should be left to chance of put on the long finger when it comes to your roof. Small repairs at regular intervals mean you don’t have to have extensive work done down the line.
  8. Make sure that your eaves and overhands don’t have water stains. Water stains can be a sign of leaks.

Remember, your roof protects your home and if you neglect it, it will deteriorate. Carry out regular roof inspections and maintenance jobs will help ensure your roof lasts longer. Our Roofing Contractors Dublin crew are available to carry out professional roof inspections and maintenance jobs if you aren’t able to do them yourself and a quick call to the office will have you sorted in no time.


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